Part of the travelling experience is sampling the food which local people eat and experimenting with your palate. If you are a foodie, then you will find travelling around the world to be an adventurous and fulfilling experience. Tauranga, New Zealand, is known to be a food haven. The list of places where you can get delicious food is endless. It all depends on your mood and preference, and how far you want to go with experimenting. If you are not sure of a good restaurant to visit, you can talk to locals and ask them to suggest a list for you to sample. Some of the best restaurants in Tauranga are as follows.

Mills Reef Restaurant and Winery

You probably guessed from the name that this restaurant will not only serve you food, but you will also get to taste a selection of wine. This restaurant sits on a well landscaped 20-acre piece of land. It can seat 50 people, and it is not just a restaurant to eat, but it is also a preferred place for people who want a venue for an intimate wedding. It is an ideal place to go for a relaxed lunch with friends and family. It was started in 1989 by a family called Prestons, and since they opened the gates of their restaurant, things have never slowed down.

La Mexica Cantina and Restaurant

If you want to eat some delicious and fresh Mexican food which comes with authenticity, then you should visit La Mexica Cantina. They have not only food but also drinks. You can have your meal customised according to your preference. You can order a spicy plate or one that is mild. The restaurant always spices things up, (no pun intended), by inviting a live band to perform during the weekend as people eat. It is indeed an interesting place to unwind and eat.

Harbourside Restaurant

Imagine dining while having a view of the magnificent Tauranga harbour. That is what the Harbourside Restaurant has to offer. It is not just the view which stands out. The food is made from organic and locally sourced ingredients, and you can create our own dish by allowing the chef to try out a combination of the ingredients you have chosen. They are located at the Southern end of the strand in Tauranga.

The Flying Burrito Brothers Restaurant

This restaurant is based in the city centre, and its speciality is Mexican food. They take pride in using natural products and significantly cutting down the fats they use when cooking. Most reviews and ratings praise them for having good cuts of meat. It is a great place to have a quick bite if you are running errands around Tauranga city centre or if you have missed Mexican food.

Deckchair Cafe

This restaurant mixes casual and fun to come up with one of the most popular places to eat in Tauranga. It is located at the beach of the Marine Parade near Mt. Maunganui. The view is amazing, and the menu has freshly brewed coffee served with their huge scones which are available on most days. They also have lunch dishes, and the place is always packed with people who want to have their meal while enjoying nature.

Halo Restaurant and Dining

Tourists love this restaurant due to the magical view it has of the harbour. It is located at 51 Dive Crescent, and it has a diverse menu ranging from modern food to traditional dishes. The restaurant has a stylish finish, and it can host a large group of people, making it an excellent place to have your meals if you are travelling with others.

Julian’s Berry Farm and Cafe

News items are full of features which warn of the consequences of not eating the right food. Julian’s Berry Cafe is a welcome relief since they provide fresh food from their farm. If you enjoy fruit, you are welcome to pick and buy your own from the farm. They also have a cafe where they serve a variety of foods, including sandwiches and coffee.